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Marianne_LeMorvan copie

Dr. Marianne Le Morvan, Art Historian, Scientific consultant

Marianne Le Morvan is an independent researcher with a PhD in Art History. Founder and director of the Berthe Weill Gallery archives, Marianne is preparing several catalogues raisonnés of modern artists. She is also an exhibition curator and museum consultant. Marianne joined the Endowment Fund as a consultant, to provide her expertise and experience, particularly in terms of collection preservation and development.


Flavio RUGARLI, Research consultant

Graduating from École du Louvre and Sorbonne with a degree in Curating and collections, Flavio specialised in nineteenth-century photography, devoting his early works to Pierre Trémaux (1818-1885). After a time spent at Conservatoire National des Arts Plastiques and then at Jeu de Paume, Flavio joined the Fonds as a research and documentation consultant.


Julie JONQUET-CAUNES, Editorial consultant and Graphic designer

With a degree from ENSAAMA (Olivier de Serres) in graphic design and visual communication, Julie worked for five years in the graphics studio at Artcurial, the leading French auction house. In 2015, she created a communications agency with Morgane Delmas, dedicated to culture and the art market. She produced the first monograph on Léon Delachaux, released in April 2017 and is in charge of designing graphic material for the Endowment Fund.

Morgane Delmas

Morgane DELMAS, Communication Consultant

With a graduate degree in International Business and Art History, Morgane Delmas worked for eight years in the marketing and communications department at Artcurial, the leading French auction house. In 2015, she and Julie Jonquet-Caunes, launched their own communications agency dedicated to culture and the art market. Occasionally, Morgane coordinates the Fund’s communications operations and implements its objectives.

Daniel Cheron

Daniel CHÉRON, Art restorer

Since establishing his restoration workshop at Versailles in 1978, Daniel has worked with major national and international museums on important national heritage projects, ranging from the religious to the secular and the classical to the modern. As a consultant he is called on to participate in scientific panels; he is authorized to restore works of cultural heritage in French museums and is a member of ICOM (International Council of Museums). The Fund has entrusted its art to his expertise since 2013. 


Clarence DELACHAUX, Great-grandson of the artist

In 1993, Clarence made an inventory of the family’s collection of works by Léon Delachaux and gave a lecture on the artist at the Musée Saint-Vic de Saint-Amand-Montrond. He published an article in Les Colonies artistiques de Grez-sur-Loing 1860-1914, released in 2010 by the Association Artistes du Bout du Monde. He published Nos ancêtres Delachaux-dit-Gay, released in 2012 by a private publishing house. Clarence spent numerous years researching the life and work of Léon Delachaux and has generously provided the Endowment Fund with invaluable information.

Portraits by: Cyrille George Jerusalmi.


Afin d'enrichir le Fonds
et continuer à constituer
le catalogue raisonné
de l'artiste, nous sommes
à la recherche de toute
information concernant
la vie ou l'œuvre
de Léon Delachaux.
N'hésitez pas à nous contacter ; la plus grande discrétion vous est garantie.

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