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Correspondence between Léon Delachaux and Carol Storck between 1880 and 1884

In 1876, the Centennial International Exhibition was held in Philadelphia to celebrate the 100th anniversary of American independence. It was after having visited the Exhibition that Delachaux, a watchcase engraver at the time, enrolled himself at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA) and befriended the Romanian sculptor Carol Storck (1854-1926).

The Romanian Academy in Bucharest holds in its Storck archives drawings, prints and letters, nine of which were sent by Léon Delachaux to his friend. The exhibition Orient versus Occident organized by the Bucharest Municipality Museum, evoking the cordial artistic ties between the Romanians and their neighbors, provided the Léon Delachaux Endowment Fund with the opportunity to conduct an in-depth study of these letters. The ensuing publication, entitled “Correspondance entre Léon Delachaux et Carol Storck entre 1880 et 1884″, reveals Delachaux’s early years as a painter: his struggles, points of view, first sales and exhibitions. These archives illustrate the world of a foreigner within PAFA’s cosmopolitan student body of the 1880s, revealing a period of fundamental growth in the development of the artist’s talent.

Correspondence between Léon Delachaux and Carol Storck between 1880 and 1884












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The Léon Delachaux’s Endowment Fund had the pleasure to launch the first publication dedicated to the artist, on April 27th 2017. This book is the result of more than 5 years of extensive researches in France, in Switzerland, in the United States of America and in Romania.


Prof. Gabriel P. Weisberg, expert of the pictural movement to which Delachaux belongs and art history lecturer at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, kindly wrote the foreword of our book.

The Endowment Fund wished this first monograph to be fully bilingual (French and English), just like Delachaux’s journey in art and life.
Our book is enriched with a hard cover and 371 illustrated pages. We wanted to publish this book by ourselves and had it print by La Manufacture d’Histoires des Deux-Ponts, which embodies the greatness of French know-how and with whom we share the values of craft manufacturing.



You can buy our book at the Librairie Lardanchet
100, Faubourg Saint-Honoré – 75008 Paris
+33 (0)1 42 66 68 32

Or order it online, hitting this link.



Afin d'enrichir le Fonds
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la vie ou l'œuvre
de Léon Delachaux.
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