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The Léon Delachaux Endowment Fund has a selection of works by the artist available for loan to institutions organizing temporary exhibitions.

The work of Léon Delachaux illustrates a variety of subjects and sheds light on the life and work of late-nineteenth Century artists. His unusual artistic career, between the United States and France, offers a pallet of original topics:

  • A student of Thomas Eakins at the PAFA (Pennsylvanian Academy of The Fine Arts, Philadelphia)
  • Léon Delachaux, American “genre painter”
  • The portrayal of the black American following the Civil War and the abolition of slavery
  • Drawing / Photography: Léon Delachaux’s creative process
  • Career of a “penniless” and “foreign” artist at the Parisian Salons between 1883 and 1914
  • The artist colony at Grez-sur-Loing
  • “Petits Maîtres” in the nineteenth century
  • Press illustrations for literary series, an economic necessity
  • The daily life of women in the nineteenth century
  • Small or forgotten trades: laundress (washing, ironing), lacemaker, clockmaker, cobbler, seamstress, linen maid
  • Square Saint-Pierre in Paris: an authentic artistic hit
  • The “Chardin of the poor”
  • The bourgeois portrait
  • Late experimentation with impressionism
  • Rural France in the nineteenth century

Lending to exhibitions is a great opportunity to present the artist’s work in addition to being a precious source of information, suggestions and knowledge.

The Loan Committee’s mission to nurture this practice resulted in Léon Delachaux being represented at several events, loans that were implemented under the best possible conditions and provide inspiration to continue the effort.

It is always an honor and a great pleasure to see a work by Delachaux on the exhibition walls of a public institution.
The Loan Committee is at your disposal for all requests.

Contact: prets@leondelachaux.org


Several remarkable loans:
The Banjo Player is showcased in “Le Modèle noir, de Géricault à Picasso”, organized by Mémorial ACTe in Pointe-à-Pitre (Septermber 14 – December 29, 2019)

Delachaux Banjo Player Mémorial ACTe

Jacques Martial, President of Mémorial ACTe, and Marie Delachaux, President of the Léon Delachaux Endowment Fund, in front of The Banjo Player by Léon Delachaux, October 11, 2019













The Affectionate Mother was included on the display walls of the Musée Fournaise in Chatou in the exhibition entitled “L’Âge de raison vu par les peintres au XIXe siècle” (May – November 2018)

Delachaux Musée Fournaise Affectionate Mother

Anne Galloyer, Director of the Musée Fournaise, and Marie Delachaux, President of the Endowment Fund













17 works from the collection of the Endowment Fund were displayed in the exhibition “Léon Delachaux: 1850-1919, son œuvre saint-amandoise” that took place at the Musée Saint-Vic in Saint-Amand-Montrond (June – October 2017)

Delachaux Musée Saint-Vic

The Endowment Fund had the pleasure of lending 17 works among the 45 exhibited


Afin d'enrichir le Fonds
et continuer à constituer
le catalogue raisonné
de l'artiste, nous sommes
à la recherche de toute
information concernant
la vie ou l'œuvre
de Léon Delachaux.
N'hésitez pas à nous contacter ; l'anonymat,
s'il est requis, sera respecté.

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